Planning way ahead – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 44

Yeah, there are some discussions that you shouldn’t allow to drag on for too long, if you’re sure you already know where they’re heading. If technical reasons, like some object relevant to the discussion having an implausibly long name, don’t allow for a short discussion as such, you should at least try to keep the rest of the discussion as short as possible, so you don’t end up with more than a medium length discussion.

Throwing the object in question away seems a bit like cheating, for this context, but you can’t deny it’s pretty effective.

It might not always be feasible, though – when some object or person is always referred to by its full, overlong name, it might only be shoddiness on part of the scriptwriter, but more often it’s some copyright issue. XD

As for Snuka’s alternative plan, it might seem like a stretch that you could sabotage a blade with that ridiculous degree of precision, but:
– Shingen Takeda is a legendary daimyo, so in a work of fiction his martial or related-to-martial capabilities can be readily assumed to be absurdly superhuman.
– this is a time-travel story, so I’m pretty sure Snuka’s bizarre plot isn’t any more of a stretch than Dr. Fu’s master plan, whatever it might be.

Further remarks: the poster Snuka’s holding up is for Akira Kurosawa’s movie Kagemusha, in which a warlord based on the historical Shingen Takeda is replaced with a double. So that’s how they’re gonna do it. Which means that movie has now inspired the events that inspired it – time paradox time! But the universe still exists, so it wasn’t that bad, obviously. And Snuka likes the movie, he rates it 4/4 and recommends it.

And, yeah, the fact that Snuka says he doesn’t know where Private Grooman ran off to means that that will be important later – in a movie script you don’t make dismissve remarks over something you’d really want to dismiss.

More on Thursday.

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