Playing hard-to-get – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 14

Yeah, Dr. Dutchman Fu is something of a traditionalist. No fancy biometrics or implanted RFID for his outfit. No, they’re doing it the good old way, with passwords. It trains memory, and is just so much more personal and eye-to-eye in application, compared to a retina scan. It simply creates a much more pleasant working atmosphere. Just because you’re a villain, you don’t have to treat your employees as disposable resources. Well, at least not in the little matters.

And, despite the backwardness, the password does provide sufficient security, it seems. It’s a sobering experience for the Professor, but you never know how good you really are at a foreign language until you’re required to stenotype it at common conversational speed. XD

This week’s password, by the way, is a bit of Ukrainian love poetry, a popular poem by Hryhory Chubai. That’s either (commendably) random, or Dr. Dutchman Fu is a closet romantic. I addition to all of his other villainous traits. XD

More on Monday.

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