Plight at the end of the tunnel – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 40

As far as Mopey’s trip through the airducts is concerned, there’s little to add to what she herself points out in panel three. That’s one of the advantages of having her be the main focus of a strip – her analytical nature allows her to self-assess rather realistically, saving me the trouble to comment on it further.

And no matter the faults of her decision, the ultimate result turned out as originally hoped for: she’s found the Professor! She suspected she’d find him close to the place where one of his explosions took place. And she’s found Snuka, as well – the likelihood for that was lower, but perhaps still better than even. It’s not like the Professor doesn’t have any other guinea pi…uh, I mean junior research assistants (passive)…but if Snuka is in the general vicinity, he does tend to attract that sort of bad luck to himself.

You couldn’t even blame it entirely on the Professor, I’d say. After all, Snuka also tends to bear most of the effect of any explosions caused by Biff in his general vicinity…as well as the worst of Mopey’s righteous wrath when he does something wrong. Or is plausible suspected of having thought about doing something wrong. Or is just mathematically more probable than the average guy to have thought about doing something wrong.

The Professor isn’t that judgemental, of course, so in this case the explosion was probably just a bit of the inevitable scientific attrition, not an attempt to punish Snuka for something he did or thought of doing. It’s still not improbably he thought of doing something wrong at that very moment, but that would have been coincidental.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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