Scream louder with gouda! – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 47

Alright, now Dr. Fu’s really pushing the limits of his I-plausibly-forgot-I-had-that-in-my-pockets license. I mean, a Dutchman carrying gouda in his pockets? Totally ordinary. A Dutchman carrying French cheese instead? We’re definitely beginning to see black swan territory on the horizon. A Dutchy with Franco-Canadian cheese in his pockets? Full-blown sensation! A Dutchman with a Franco-Canadian woodsman in his pockets? That concept stretches plausibility about as severely as the woodsman the pocket. (I think I’ve already explained the reason for Dr. Fu’s sudden switch in henchman ethnicity.)

Add this to the fact that Dr. Dutchman Fu evades the classic villainous mistake of leaving his nemesis to die in an easily-escapable deathtrap unguarded, and the good doctor is right on track to reach dangerously genre-savvy territory any minute now.

On the other hand, he’s still far, far away from original and inventive death-trap designing territory, so count that, at least, against him. I mean, his favorite design can definitely lay claim to being cringe-worthy, at least for the male part of the audience, but it is a bit repetitive. Aside from the fact that’s it been undersold by all of his earlier victims. On the plus side, the thing leaves room for the victim to deliver a great “You can’t scare me with your cheesy emasculation device!” zinger, but unfortunately Snuka doesn’t seem in the right state of mind.

More on Monday.

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