Single-purpose uncultured catgirl NicoNico – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 113

Since Lt. Dapi’s plan was contrived and relying on outdated stereotypes and genetically implausible human variation, while gratuitously insulting general physics, it naturally works like a charm. Only simple, logical plans fail around here. ._.

The cat-girl is immediately enchanted with the shiny cable and effects the power disconnect at the most critical moment, as her feline instincts demand.

And, yeah, it’s kind of a plothole that the mecha-kaiju spent so much time just standing around up their on that building, as if (AS IF) waiting for the heroes to sort out everything they needed to disconnect it from its power supply. But then, the view from up there must be pretty spectacular, it’s a nice, sunny day, and the mecha-kaiju pilot must have been in a good mood from his recent victory over the biological one. So, is it entirely implausible that he would have taken a couple of minutes off just to enjoy the scenery for a while? I’d say it is. Too bad, since it can’t be helped anymore.

Anyway, right now the mecha-kaiju pilot isn’t in a good mood anymore. With the external power connection severed, he has only a strictly limited amount of operation time on internal batteries left. Plot-conveniently, the specific amount of time will be strictly undefined, but it’s limited nonetheless.

This forces him to prioritize between his two targets, and unfortunately, his innate sense of duty doesn’t allow him to choose the one that doesn’t involve his own death. It’s a tragedy! Or at least a comic opera by Gilbert & Sullivan.

He’s got the reactor lined up in his crosshairs, and noticed that he shouldn’t waste any more time monologueing – was everything our heroes did too little, too late in the end?

Find out on Thursday.

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