Slip of the tongue – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 20

And here we see, for the first time, Dr. Dutchman Fu’s genius in action! Which is quite notable, since he was referred to as a mastermind from the start – and the more typical thing for a B-movie would be introducing a character as a mastermind and then having him act like a dolt for the whole duration. But what Dr. Fu did here was legitimately clever: He knew that a mind like Dr. Chronometricos would not be easy to break – that’s why he went for the one thing that can make any scientist reveal their closest-held secrets: criticism from a colleague. And the easiest way to provide that was getting another scientist into the picture, since having more than one scientist in the same room at the same time automatically results in criticism. Peer-reviewed journals work on the same principle.

And we also hear Dr. Dutchman Fu’s voice for the first time! Or, well, we would, if it was the proper medium. Just imagine him talking like Boris Karloff, but with a Dutch accent. That’s probably what casting would be aiming for, in this case.

The wooden door seen in the last stip is now revealed to actually be a heavy vault door of stainless steel. That sort of thing works, when you are a genius like Dr. Fu. Plus people aren’t paying that much attention to mundane things like doors, anyway, and always tend to see what they expect to be seeing. *cough*

More on Monday.

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