Still better than Caramelldansen… – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 41

Yeah, you know how these antediluvian behemoths are – as much as they might qualify as extremely rare and unusual creatures themselves, their taste in pop music tends to run toward the perfectly conventional. >_>

Good thing the villagers knew this from one of their old prophecies, who have been orally transmitted trought untold centuries or even millenia – without the slightest embellishment or inaccuracy. Why can only pseudo-Polynesian villagers on kaiju-infested Pacific Island do this? It would sure have helped to get the same kind of accuracy with King Arthur et al. >_>

And it was also a good thing for the villager that they lived in a gated community to begin with, that way they could more easily contain the kaiju in that part of the island where all the people they didn’t like live. Or lived. Looking back, the extra height to which they raised their wall paid off nicely – and to think that back then, when they built it, everybody suspected corruption behind that height extension, because the Bug-Tuk are (were) only about 6 feet on average.

After concluding the story about the kaiju, the Admiral kept going on about his motivation and plans for the future, but the Professor clearly stopped paying attention at some (in his case very specific) moment. Understandable as that is, it’s just a teeny-tiny bit possible he missed something not entirely irrelvant there. ._.

More on Thursday!

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