The adam of destruction – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 19

You know how people in movies are frequently able to “zoom-in” to a high-resolution section of a larger, low-resolution security camera video? The scriptwriter might have put something as patently impossible as that into the script here (they don’t know any better), but of course it didn’t make it past George Geekish’s watchful eyes. He’s gotta live up to his (sur)name, after all. So that bit went out.

On the other hand, he thought it would be not beyond plausibility that the Professor might have happened to have a high-performance digital camera on him, fully tricked out with a whole range of technologies that aren’t easily accesible and largely make no sense at all on a camera. After all, he’s usually got a cammera of that sort in his pocket, so why shouldn’t the Professor?

And putting all that stuff on there had a major advantage: it made it easy to come up with the footage for the Professor’s little display: interior shots, exterior shots, panoramic…whatever, just give it a eery greenish tint and it’s totally plausible that such a tricked-out camera could somehow catch it like that. But only with the greenish tint! Real color would be obviously impossible. That’s slightly tooimpossible for a B-movie.

Anyway, what the Professor gets on his display clearly shows that the assassin got there before him, and has done a very thorough job of eliminating that sniper. Very thorough. Not very elegant, not very logical, not very efficient, but very thorough. She hasn’t blown the place sky-high to top it all off, but you’ve got to take into consideration that this happened before the widespread availability of explosives, so she can be excused for that.

And, yeah, the dead sniper looks vaguely similiar. It’s probably the universal soldier thing. ._.

More on Thursday.

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