The insidious lure of Italian coffee – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 9

And here we are breathless witnesses to another chapter in the eternal confrontation between good and evil, order and chaos, the forces of light versus the armies of the night. In one corner, Dr. Dutchman Fu, the devious Dutch mastermind of a thousand nefarious schemes and criminal activities, representing the very darkest of the forces of darkness. In the other corner, representing everything that is good and just, his bladder. ._.

Well, I suspect that the bladder is secretly one of the good guys, at least it seems to try and foil the devious Dutchman’s plans at every corner – well, at every corner that has restroom.

On the other hand, it’s the Dr.s own fault. Shouldn’t he know himself (and his bladder) better? Why did he have to stop for a cuppa? I admit that Italian coffee is quite the temptation, but how can you aspire to control the world if you can’t even control your thirst? Ah well, it’s up to him to know how much delay his plans can afford to suffer, perhaps he’s got the extra time figure in.

As for the pointless bits of Dutch added for local color, I think they should be mostly self-explanatory, but here are the translations:
voortreffelijk = excellent (what else would he be saying, he’s a villain)
koffie = coffee
Italiaanse = Italian
Godverdomme = Goddamn

And, yeah, Dr. Dutchman Fu’s appearance is based on Swedish eurodance singer Jonny Jacobsen, aka Dr. Bombay (and others). I simply wanted Fu to feature the least convincing appropriation of a foreign culture imaginable, and Jacobsen does kinda spring to mind, in that regard. And being a Dutchman and being a Swede are slightly related concepts, anyway. *nodnod*

More on Monday.

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