The same procedure as last year? – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 50

Welp. You know, at first I was pretty convinced that Dr. Dutchman Fu was the villain of the movie, but by now I’m no longer that sure about it. Perhaps he isn’t actually that bad…perhaps he’s just misguided, or even something of an anti-hero. He could easily have a secret, philantrophic agenda somewhere, or something along those lines.

Because, let’s face it – a true villain would have laughed uproariously (and evily) in that last panel. That the good Dr. actually tries (and succeeds at) stiffling his laugh is massively unlike anything you’d expect from a true villain – I mean, Snuka falling for the very same, old trick all over again was so incredibly stupid, it’s not just un-villainous not to laugh at him, it almost approaches saintliness. If the rest of the Snuka’s own team had already been here, they’d be rolling on the floor right now. Even Mopey would have laughed – so much, in fact, that she’d probably have doubled her life-total of time spent laughing just from this one incident. And let’s not even begin with the villains from the other chapters – they could have recorded them for a laugh track, for it would sure have sounded like a whole auditorium laughing.

Dr. Dutchman Fu might a minor mistake himself, of course, concerning his not anticipating that Snuka might know some French. But that really doesn’t compare to Snuka turning his back to him again. I mean, Snuka’s basically right about what he said about how few people there are who speak French: if you ignore 75 million native speakers and 265 million others, it’s actually really just Dr. Dutchman Fu and Snuka, and Snuka only knows a few bits.

Snuka, on the other hand, apparently also made another minor mistake on top of his humonguous one – he ate the gouda from the death trap. That might, at first, seem like a smart idea, in order to permanently disable the trap – but Snuka has obviously forgotten that he suffers from lactose intolerance, since he is a stereotypical, if generic, Asian. Now he’s unconscious and nauseous. >_>

More on Thursday.

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