The wellspring of electronics – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 67

Of course William is exaggerating quite a bit here. German electronics might not be as renowned as their Japanese or American counterparts, BUT…

…the House Order of Hohenzollern was not the highest-ranking decoration of the German Empire at all. Still, what did you expect him to do? Award Mopey a Pour le M%C3%A9rite for the courage it took to ask an Emperor such an embarrassing question?

Of course, “from Japan” is no longer unconditionally the default answer to the question “Where did you get (implausibly advanced or scientifically impossible electronic device)?”. William only gets aways with it because he has only one time-machine. If he had a hundred, the stereotype would have obviously required he answer “from China” instead. Even an Empire has to keep costs in check.

More on Monday.

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