Time to catch up – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 12

Well, even the B-est of B-movies needs to take a little respectful bow to reality once in a while, and there is hardly a place where that would be more appropriate than when it comes to the depiction of scientists in B-movies.

For the depiction of scientists in B-movies normally tends to be outrageously unrealistic – they’re depicted as being competent in all fields of science at once and able to whip up complex machinery and electronics from random junk in a matter of minutes, but also as prone to jumping to conclusions without any evidence, believing in superstitions and fairy tales and readily accepting that everything they’ve ever learned is wrong on the words of a random stranger. But, okay, that kinda comes with the B-movie territory.

The biggest distortion of reality when it comes to scientists in B-movies, however, is the fact that they tend to be shown as always having time available to go on wild goose chases around the world or the larger solar system. Now that’s just ridiculous, considering their typical workloads. Thus I’ve decided to inject a little bit of realism into this scene and to depict Professor Dr. as realistically back-logged on his reading and grading, as he would have to be considering all the time he spends away from his office. He just would have to take a little break in the middle of the action, every now and then, to catch up on that.

Plus, he’s perfectly right when it comes to Snuka. Yeah, she’s obviously in trouble right now. But, technically, she is that to some degree about all the time she’s awake and half the time she’s sleeping. How would a few hours matter?

I originally sketched the Professor reading a book, but I’ve been informed those aren’t around any more, hence the tablet. I approve of this change, since these tablets are quite a bit easier to draw than books. ._.

More on Monday.

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