Too much of a good thing – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 7

Yeah, that’s how it usually goes – from under-preparedness straight to over-preparedness, with not stopover at the small and remote train station of appropriate preparedness. This time, for once, our friends brought along a proper armoured car, and then it turns out that Dr. Fu’s time machine had disguised itself as a building so flimsy, they would have been much better off going with some improvised ox-cart with bread armour contraption.

Now they can sift through the rubble hoping to find some hint of a former clue. Their chances wouldn’t even be that bad, if Dr. Fu had committed his plan to paper in the usual way. Unfortunately, he has a taste for the stylish, and used a meticulously crafted scale model to record his plan – made from finest Delft porcelain and silver filigree. It was quite the sight, believe it. But then an armoured car rolled over it… >_>

Mopey doesn’t really believe in clues undergoing reincarnation, by the way. She just prefers to think of clues as living things because that means they can die – and that thought tends to cheer her up.

More on Monday.

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