Toying 787 – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 1

And were off on the second act! Mopey has recovered from her temporary petrification and has made peace, or at least a state of mutually assured destruction, with Snuka’s altered/addled state of mind.

And the trip to Japan didn’t take up much screen time, thanks to the boundless resourcefulness of George Geekish, as far as model photography is concerned. And it even flahes and makes sounds! Also, it’s ‘made in China’, that makes it particularly fitting – because Japan is also a part of China, or vice versa, as far as George Geekish is concerned. He was never good in geography, unless volcanism was involved.

But while Mopey’s petrification may have passed, her mental anguish yet persists – because her very first decision-making process as a freshly promoted S.A.S.(Half-)S.(-) leader has been irrecoverably marred by the fact that it involved a conclusion so obvious, even Biff was able to figure it out. Biff! BIFF! Sometimes Mopey wonders why she even bothers having more than two brain cells, and this was one of those times.

And unfortunately, she doesn’t know that it was kind of a lucky guess for Biff – his first impulse was to say Africa. Because he thinks they’ve got a place called “Ninjeria” there, and that sounds like it could also be home to ninja. But then he realized that that wouldn’t make sense, because ninja dress in black, and they wouldn’t have to do that if they were black to begin with. It’s obvious. So then he said Japan, because that’s were all of those Naruto comics are from, and also Bruce Lee, if he recalls that correctly. Sound reasoning.

More on Thursday!

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