Twilight of Civilzation – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 23

Woah, looks like those guys are really through with messing around. Apparently unrestrained by all conventions of civilized warfare, they don’t even stick with stuff like dum-dum bullets or nerve gas – they immediately go for the big gun among inhumane weapons*: The book that must not be named.

But who could that mysterious “valued guest” be, who seems to have such comprehensive knowledge about the members of the S.A.S.S.? Aside, I mean, from those unspecified inaccuracies concerning Snuka…which could indicate that that mysterious guest wasn’t aware of the changes Snuka underwent recently, after the Professor‘s kidnapping. Which was, coincidentally, the last time the Professor saw Snuka, so the Professor is likely, and completely coincidentally, also unaware of those changes. Of course the Professor would still be aware of Mopey’s heightened susceptibility to a certain work of fiction, which the mysterious “valued guest” is also apparently aware of. And if the Professor hadn’t been kidnapped, and was here, the Professor might even be able to help us figure out who the mysterious “valued guest” is! But he was, he isn’t and he isn’t, so there’s little chance for anybody to find out the mysterious “valued guest”‘s identity. *sigh*
But time will ultimately tell!

More on Thursday!

*Metaphorical big gun. Literal big guns are strangely not considered inhumane weapons.

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