Two scientists, one coup. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 74

And yet elsewhere, but actually quite close by, though in a certain way also very far away, in the non-Euklidian dimension of scientific review…uh, where was I going with this?

Ah, yes – the fight between Mopey and the Professor seems to be over, as well. Mopey just didn’t deal with the pressure of peer review that well to begin with – she went down, but wasn’t quite out until the Professor delivered one final, fatal (?) blow.

Basically, he just pulled rank on her – not his current military rank, but his tenure position. Ultimately, he’s the Professor, and Mopey’s just the scientific assistant, so he simply dropped a metric ton of his own unfinished work on her. In her weakened state, and without anyone else around she could have deflected the responsibility onto in turn, she took it straight to the head. And the whole rest of her body. ._.

And with so many people watching, to boot – she must feel very humiliated right now. Assuming she can steel feel anything, that is. But if she does survive, this whole affair will definitely fire up her ambition to get tenure herself. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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