Watch the carbs! – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 1

Highest marks for Mopey’s leadership here! Very commendable focus on the most important issue – the safety of Professor Doctor! No time for distractions – especially not distractions that would cost me hours upon hours to draw. Well done, Mopey, well done.

So, instead of an unnecessarily epic flashback, we get one reasonably restricted to the most important moment – when that old ninja kicked the bucket after giving the customary final, cryptic hint. In this case, the word “Arvanadi”. Doom-doom-doom-doooom!

We have to assume that an Internet search proved fruitless, since that would obviously be what they should have tried first, before travelling all the way to Tokyo. But let’s face it, an Internet search wouldn’t have had the right visuals, anyway. A large building with rows and rows of books dwarfing the few human occupants, who are framed by stacks of more books, and completely engulfed in their work – that’s the visuals that clearly spell out “research”. In comparison, everyone huddled around a laptop, alternating between Internet searches and watching cat videos…they would probably have gotten the results faster, but it’s just not the same, visually. (And it would have cost me a lot of time, because while looking for a suitable cat video to have in the panel, I would have ended up watching dozens. >_>)

And, yeah, the national library (Mopey wouldn’t settle for less than the top) of Japan is called the Japan Diet Library, because the parliament of Japan is called a diet, which actually derives from Medieval Latin dieta and…and no matter what it derives from, Biff misunderstanding it was pretty much inevitable. ._.

More on Thursday!

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