What he does best – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 28

I’ve avoided actually depicting the fearful fray for a number of reasons:

1. It would have been gory and brutal and completely unsuitable for children and elderly people

2. It would have been a lot of work for me

3. It would have been unrealistic to have such a scene, with all that we know about the budget available for the movie. Realistically, Nolan could have afforded to allot about $5 to this specific scene, and that sounds like just the right amount for George to spend on a big bag of assorted doll parts at a local garage sale. Throw them around in front of the camera, and if you keep everything blurry enough, it looks just like it would look if you’re standing right next to some incident of brutal carnage…without looking directly at it, which you wouldn’t, anyway, if we assume you’re very polite and perhaps also assuming that your eyesight isn’t the best to begin with. Ahh, close enough, in any case.

For added authenticity, Dr. Dutchman Fu’s dialogue has been enriched with authentic Dutch vocabulary. Well, at least according to the dictionary, and assuming that I haven’t picked the wrong definitions of the words…anyway, here are the analogues:

verrassend = surprisingly
bruikbaar = usable
vet = vet

And in another case of “close enough”, Goudkouipje isn’t actually a cheese dip…it’s more like a spread. But what would a Barbarian know of such subtle distinctions? He’d like it, I’m sure.

More on Thursday.

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