What you can see you can photograph. – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 3

Well, what was Mopey expecting, really?

Isn’t it quite impressive enough that Professor Ninjaiakis can identify essentially invisible people? Asking him to specify them, as well, really seems like asking a bit much, literally. I mean, if nearly-invisible people go the extra mile to wear near-invisible face-masks covering most of their near-invisible faces, did Mopey really expect Professor Ninjaiakis to go: “Oh, that’s George, me and him used to work in the same department until a few years ago.”?

At least now Mopey is no longer just speculating that the people who kidnapped the Professor were ninja – she has an internationally renowned expert’s opinion to back it up, now!

That alone was easily worth the trip to Japan and the admission to the museum, so show a little gratitude, Mopey.

And, yeah, apparently they took pictures during the fight…most of them were selfies, of course. Kids these days…but, as a positive side-effect, some of the pictures (didn’t) show the ninja! Most of those were taken by Biff, though, and only because he held his cell phone the wrong way when trying to take combat selfies.

(The various Japanese words the Professor mentions are just for flavor, of course. Those are all actual articles of historic ninja equipment….but what does that even matter when you can’t see them, anyway?)

More on Thursday!

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