Why Ghandi wore glasses. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 98

Snuka’s really matured a lot, off lately. Used to be, he was looking out only for himself…but right now, he’s only out looking for himself. ._.

With murderous intent, to boot, but you can hardly begrudge him that – he invokes that kind of feeling in a lot of people, so he’s far from alone in that.

And he does have some second thoughts about it … or rather, the second he has some thoughts about it.

But, after overcoming his initial shock, Snuka quickly surpresses his doubts. Quickly and violently. The beautiful thing about winning an argument about non-violence by hitting somebody lies in the perfectly self-contained nature: your argument proves itself right by its mere existence. I’m sure Snuka only hit himself out of innocent admiration for the abstract beauty of this line of argument, and not simply force of habit (of force).

And his back-up argument carries some heft, as well: having access to an unguarded minigun is an opportunity you can’t let go to waste, especially if you’re harboring murderous intent. George Geekish and the SFX team would cry bitter tears of frustration if they didn’t get to show their minigun prop in action, and the movie trailer would be missing at least 15 seconds of RATATATATATATATA*. For there’s no way they could fire that thing without the footage making it into the trailer.

On the con side…well, you’ve got the ethics argument. And, after dismissing that right away, you’ve still got the open question what’ll happen to you if you kill a third of yourself with a machinegun, even if it was the most unstandable third. Snuka has thought about that…but, after giving himself a black eye for the ethics argument, he’s understandably averse to pointing that other problem out to himself. Two black eyes would really mess up his vision.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*And George Geekish’s Rattata is in the top percent of Rattata!

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