(1:1)x2 – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 56

Wow! This changes…
…nothing much. ._.

I guess the score’s still 1:1. Or perhaps 1.5:1.5? Hard to say without a look at DM’s scoreboard, but it’s got to be either of those two results. He couldn’t really score this particular engagement any other way…once he wakes up, that is. Which might take a while…

Today’s take-away lesson is, I’d say, that you have to adapt your tactical stance based on the equipment available. The very offensive stance Mopey assumes early on completely succeeds in forcing K’ip onto the defensive. (I mean, just look at her: the Professarian would have a hard time being any more berzerk than that, and he’s a pro. A small pro, but still.)

Her plan kinda falls apart in the second stage, though. With K’ip being on the defensive, and her only being armed with a defensive weapon, their conflict comes down to a battle of attrition: who’s going to fall asleep first? K’ip, Mopey, me or the reader?

And, yeah, based on this experience, you can almost start to appreciate Captain America’s approach: while throwing your shield at people might make you look uncouth and even give people doubts about your basic competency … it surely beats this outcome. ._. Unfortunately for Mopey, I think you really need a round shield to do that – a kite shield like hers probably has very poor accuracy as a projectile weapon.

More* on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* Don’t worry, I mean more in general, not more of specifically this tension-free engagement. >_>

8 Replies to “(1:1)x2 – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 56”

  1. For anyone interested: I think todays coat of arms on the shield is from Thuringia (Thüringen), one of the German federal states.

    1. It is, indeed! I was considering the crests of all the various federal states, but I ultimately felt that the Thuringian one looked best in the context of a fantasy setting.

      1. I think it’s a good choice. You could also have gone with the coat of arms of Hesse (basically the same without the stars) and made some pun on the shield being made from Hassium.

        1. Or from Hessian (i.e. Burlap), even if that’s not a very good choice of material for a shield. XD But, I think it’s really the stars that sell this motif..and the cute little crown on the lion.

  2. What Mopey failed to remember about performing a shield bash is that you need lots of alcohol, loud music, a lampshade hat-WAIT wait-wait-wait, wrong kinda bash nevermind. 😉

    1. Yeah, Mopey definitely hasn’t forgotten about that other kind of bash, but she’s never managed to successfully apply it to a combat situation, either. Particularly since the lampshade hat limits her visibility. XD

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