A call from the present, and the past. – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 86

Well, our friends are back home and, as the experienced time traveller says, there’s no time like home! Although this time, said no time is still taking place at a slightly later time than the last time.

But the time in between wasn’t wasted, since the team is now complete again…or almost complete, since it seems that one more team member also slipped the others’ minds. Blame the stress and the mental state of confusion that’s an inevitable by-product of time shenanigans. Normally, Snuka’s absence isn’t that easy to miss for his friends…I’m not saying that that’s due to a feeling of relief that comes with his absence, as in not having to keep such a tight grip on their wallets all the time…I’m just saying it’s not easy to miss.

At least the Professor can now definitely do that comiserating thing with General Gatacre, because they will have to travel back to 1899 to fetch Snuka. It’s not that Snuka doesn’t value experiences and the wisdom that comes even from bad ones…but 115 years of getting hit in the ‘nads with Gouda is one experience he definitely prefers to be deleted from his personal timeline.

Aside from the pain, it was pretty boring, I bet. After he realized that his friends had likely left him behind (that realization dawned after a year or two), he tried shouting for help, but there just wasn’t anybody around to hear him. So he had to wait for many decades for cell phone technology to be invented. And then, unfortunately, he had to wait even longer, because his cell is locked so he can call only select numbers…ever since that phone sex incident.

But now our friends can travel back in time to save Snuka before his torment even begins – and, even better, they don’t need to tell him that they ever forgot about him in the first place, saving him that mental anguish, too! The only thing he’ll notice is that everyone will be giving him those bashful looks for a while, and he doesn’t even know why.

More on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.

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