Finally back to where they started – Chap. 5, Final Strip (Act 4, Strip 87)

With the end returning to the beginning, in the pseudo-intellectual fashion beloved of B-movies, all is once again well with the world. Perhaps a bit better, even, in some points like Biff’s grades, and perhaps a bit worse in some other areas, like Snuka’s sudden gouda-tourette’s (and he still has no idea where that even comes from). But as far as the broad outlines are concerned, everything is well.

And thus the chapter ends, thanks a lot for tuning in!

The intermission between this and the next chapter will be a bit longer, this time – I want to invest some more time into scripting, this time around, and also there will be some technical changes I plan to roll out with the new chapter. Current plans are that the next chapter will start in about six weeks.

Regular Monday and Thursday updates will continue during the intermission, featuring first some epilogues to this chapter, and then some other non-plot stuff till the next chapter starts.

So, more, if intermissionary stuff, on Thursday and then more more about six weeks from now. (As soon as I can precisely specify the date, I’ll do a horse calendar or something like that. XD)

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