Tuf, tuf, tuf break – Intermission, Strip 1

As announced, I’m starting off the intermission with a couple of epilogues to the last chapter.

After all, despite of our friends’ best efforts, they did not manage to keep the timeline entirely undisturbed, so it’s worth a look in which way their world now differs. Nothing major, I’m sure, but not entirely easy to overlook either, unless you hold your head like so and squint a little.

Although this strip doesn’t really feature any very noticeable alteration in the time line. Their Kaiser William goes into exile in the Netherlands, just like his historical counterpart did. The only real difference is that their William, due to recent experiences with a certain Netherlander, is even more pissed off by it than the historical William (and that’s saying something, indeed). Also, in their William’s case it clearly qualifies as the kind of poetic justice a B-movie has to dish out to a villain who otherwise got away…if it qualifies as that in the historical William’s case is up to you to decide.

As for their William’s future, he’ll probably relieve his tension in the same passive-agressive manner the historical William did: Offering the Netherlanders his expertise in forrestry, and then personally cutting down every single one of their trees. ._. At least that’s what I’ve been told the historical William did, and the last time I visited the Netherlands, I really didn’t see a lot of trees there, especially not old ones. ._.

And yes, Germany is a wide, featureless, purple plain with nothing in it but the country’s name painted on the ground. It’s true, I saw it on a map!

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