A dog day’s fighting – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 21

While Mopey is wrestling with her principles (rather than her pricipals, whith whom she preferred to deal by kickboxing instead), the Air Force is trying to rise to its refound re-responsibility for the kaiju situation.

Said situation is complicated by the fact that the kaiju is not equipped with a transponder, despite being able to fly. That’s very irresponsible, of course – once they’ve managed to stop him from destroying all of Japan, they should fine him for that, as well.

And apparently the kaiju isn’t even the only un(self)identified flying object in that area – seems that two ancient enemies were also up and about in pursuit of their undying rivalry. Or something like that. Neither Fokker Triplanes nor Sopwith Camels were equipped with transponders, of course, and even less so this specific submodel of Sopwith Camel.

Anyway, the Japanese pilots get to claim a victorious dogfight – and it might even rate higher than average because it had more dog in it than a standard dogfight. (Don’t worry about the dog, though, he’s used to it.)

Still, their scoreboard isn’t much to brag about, as of yet: one yacht, one kindergarten, one doghouse – but still zero kaiju.

More on Thursday!

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