We’re going to…. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 20

Unsurprisingly, the Professor has also secured the third an final wall of Mopey’s cell with an unenterable room behind it.

And, yeah, Mopey’s right – dragging Didneyworld into it made it somewhat personal. After all, Snuka for example wouldn’t have had any problem with that portal…and Biff could have hardly been stopped from rushing at it, squealing with delight. Only Mopey, who, upon setting foot into the happiest kingdom on Earth, would likely melt like…uh…like a 1:35 scale plastic model tank with an acetylene torch held at it, from just outside of the frame…is affected by this particular set-up.

Not that that’ll stop her, of course. Perhaps the Professor has been overestimating how strict Mopey is sticking to her principles, for with no other choice available, she seem perfectly willing to break with one of them. The question is now only, which one will it be?

So it seems the Professor’s plan wasn’t that flawless, after all…I mean, aside from that other, obvious flaw: putting an interdimensional portal to Didneyworld right next to the urinals has inevitably caused the occasional Didneyworld visitor to be hit with warm spray from no discernible source. O_o

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*Undercutting my own argument, however, I have to admit that the wing area of winged kaiju usually tends to be way too small to carry them, so technically people would have good reason to doubt their ability to fly.

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