Occupied! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 19

Meanwhile, Mopey is still trying to escape her plasterboard (gilding was out of their price range) cage.

But it seems the Professor has brought his usual scientific thoroughness to the problem of spiking Mopey’s avenues of escape. As a movie character, she can’t enter a bathroom, or an occupied bedroom – so how could she enter a room that’s both at the same time?

Let us be utterly impressed with the Professor’s deviousness and not ask why there even is a combined bath/bedroom on that base. Or what odd kind of uniform that soldier is wearing…and what he earned his weapon proficiency rating in to get stuck with this particular assignement. It’s bad enough the Professor had to worry about all of those details, why should the audience have to go through the same?

More on Thursday!

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