More Dakka! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 18

So now the ground forces are throwing everything they have at the problem – the tanks have been joined by three model rocket launchers…uh, I mean, by Model 3 Rocket Launchers.

Everyone is employing direct fire at point blank range, and the sound department also did their very best…with the samples they had available. Unfortunately, all of it doesn’t achieve much…by the time they reach the frame the kaiju is in, all of the various projectiles end up looking like little sparks that ineffectively bounce of the monster.

Only effect it all had was to irritate the kaiju – but that, fortunately for the ground forces, was enough to make it take to the skies and pass the border of departmental responsiblity back into the direction of the air force. Whatever Japanese army was involved here might well take a leaf out of the Italian third army’s book and add “undefeated” to its name. >_>

Of course the fact that the monster could fly came as a surprise to everyone, as it always does. You’d normally expect the presence of wings might tip off astute observers as to that possibility, but that somehow never happens.* It’s probably because of all of those penguins, ostriches and dodos, they’ve raised peoples’ suspicions about the utility of wings. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*Undercutting my own argument, however, I have to admit that the wing area of winged kaiju usually tends to be way too small to carry them, so technically people would have good reason to doubt their ability to fly.

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