A long, long Sleep, a famous Sleep – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 122

Given how Gregory is at least partly zombified, I thought it would be plausible to let him (dirt)nap for an extended period of time…especially considering the intellectually exhausting book he was seen reading before that.

But letting him sleep through the island’s sinking would have been a stretch…I know that there are ‘aquatic zombies’ in some role-playing systems, but this is NOT how they’re created. Possibly because most role-playing systems lack rules for handling sinking islands to begin with – a gross oversight, IMHO.

Anyway, once he’s up and going again, he immediately perceives a considerable increase in the value of the real estate he took his nap on. It’s beachfront property now! And he’s quite sure it wasn’t back when he fell asleep. This is another advantage of this form of disposing of an island – the constantly changing coastline will make any part of the island a beachfront property, sooner or later. The rise in value is considerable! Although it persist only for a short while, admittedly, and drops rabidly immediately afterward. But if the Admiral sells off the plots quickly, and gets everything notarized before the island disappears forever, he’s bound to make a pretty penny – which he could probably use well, given how he’ll have to buy a whole new island sooner or later.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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