Arrividerci Aravanadi – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 123

Well, the Pacific…I guess it’s pretty large, as far as oceans on Earth go. Possibly even the largest ocean on Earth. Actually definitely the largest. Only on Earth, though, which isn’t that large, as far as planets go. There are far lager planets, which far larger ocean, especially if you’re not too strict about what liquids qualify. So, in cosmic terms it’s not THAT large. Still, getting started on that swimming can’t hurt. Because there are definitely smaller oceans, no doubt.

And, yeah, up to today the Admiral’s attempts to recruit from among the native villagers had never met with any major success…but you wouldn’t believe it, as soon as they were knee-deep in water, they suddenly discovered that they had actually always felt kinda drawn towards a nautical career in general, and service in the Imperial Japanese Navy in particular. If that trend proves persistent, global warming could turn out to be a highly effective recruitment tool for the Admiral.

More on Thursday.

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