A Million Times Worse – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 81

You have no idea how complicated that technology/wizardry transfer would have been in the past, before they came up with the Universal Technomagical Bus Standard. Really, that’s been such a boon to fiction creators in every medium – finally a simple, secure and standardized way to convert mana to electricity and vice versa. Now if they could just solve that issue with the UTB plug always being wrong way up on your first try, they’d have a truly flawless solution.

Of course, that would still only apply to the flawlessness of the transfer process – not the actual outcome. As you can see clearly demonstrated here, the actual outcome can still be severely flawed, even if the transfer process went over without any hitch.

Yes, our friends have lost their giant-mecha-transformation virginity (it had to happen sooner or later), but just look at what they have turned into. And, no, that’s not actually 8-Dork-8 himself…that’s 8-Megadork-8. Obviously, due to the size. >_> But Latho is right in pointing out that only somebody like 8-Dork-8 would be unable to understand that being a megadork isn’t actually any better than being a simple dork. It works that way with Bits and Bytes, but not with insults. Unfortunately for our friends, 8-Dork-8 is much more familiar with Bits and Bytes than with insults. And that might actually be a more plausible explanation than the vanity Latho seems to be suspecting 8-Dork-8 of…I just doubt that that will be provide a lot of consolation to the poor team stuck in Megadork form.

And, uncoolness of the form aside, there are serious questions regarding the effectiveness of this transformation. “Tetsujin” translates to “Iron Man”…so the versus-Title for the match would be “Iron Man vs. Megadork”. That doesn’t really sound like it would be skewing in favor of Megadork…

More on Monday.

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  1. “With our powers combined, we make… filler to cover the violence we edited out of the original Japanese toonage!”

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