A Ride Car Named Desire – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 97

What a convenient deus ex machina! Or actually, rather a machina ex deus.

Our friends’ ticket home has been right around the corner this whole time – undiscovered only because everyone was concentrating too much on defeating the forces of evil, or similar trivialities. Our friends are lucky that Si’ri considers aerial reconnaissance her hobby, and in that course often ventures even into rooms that are obviously not directly connected to the main quest of the moment. If not for that lucky break, the team might have had to live out the rest of their lives in this strange new (if old-fashioned) world, with only the occasional evil invasion to distract them from their home-sickness. The other, perhaps even greater lucky break was that Si’ri immediately recognized the deep significance of her find – even if it’s not entirely clear how she did that, having never seen an amusement park ride before, or even just an amusement park. I guess she must have a seventh sense for plot, or perhaps she stumbled over a copy of the script on one of her earlier reconnaissance flights. >_>

And it looks like Snuka has retained at least some traits of his former existence, like his quick and somewhat selfish thinking. Paladins, of course, are not supposed to be selfish in their thinking…and while they’re not strictly speaking supposed to be slow thinkers, it’s still pretty common among them. You need some dump stat, after all. >_> But while the others were still stunned and speechless at the sight of the familiar amusement park ride car, Snuka’s mind immediately jumped to the right conclusion – and drew the consequences. If this was their way home, as it obviously is, they’re now entering the critical time-frame where the others tend to forget about Snuka’s existence and like to leave without him. Which would be particularly inconvenient in this case of a very tenuous connection between completely alien dimensions. Getting left behind here would be painful – even without being hit in the balls with a piece of Gouda for a couple of decades. Fortunately, Snuka’s quick action has averted that danger.

More on Thursday.

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