A stabby show – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 9

Well, even if a ninja’s profession centers around acquiring intelligence and selling it to the highest bidder, they would need to have some standards of decency in place to safeguard a small bubble of privacy. Therefore, ninja just don’t spy on other ninja while they’re occupied with anything involving marital relations. Or interrogations, because it’s too hard to tell the job-related ones from the relationship-related ones at first glance.

The kunai Professor Ninjaiakis starts wielding in panel four is, technically speaking, less a bladed weapon and more a couging tool, but it looks enough like a bladed weapon to require the Professor to appear like a turn-coat for a short moment. It’s obligatory in a B-movie – if any companion of the main cast, especially if his loyalities are unproven, ends up holding a bladed weapon in some scene, you have to pull a backstabbing bait-and-switch. If you’re able to resist the temptation to pull this sort of cheap trick at such an opportune moment, you’re definitely not cut out for the B-movie business.

And, yeah, Gregory is a bit snobbish when it comes to emoes, which he sees as something along the lines of under-credentialed goths. He probably got that from Mopey. His own goth credentials are, of course, above and beyond any doubt, actually being partially undead. Not that he really expects that sort of dedication from gothicness from emoes, but at least you could sacrifice some chicken, or something, and become a real goth. =P

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