The mending of the ways – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 8

(Sigh.) Kids today, amirite?

The team, of course, has no grounds to complain about the needlessly convoluted way in which Sauce-ke and Dorito have arranged the dynamics of their friendship, for it got them a free pass around most of the Hidden Foliage Village’s extensive network of defenses and traps.

If they had had to make their way through all of that without Sauce-ke’s help, it would have taken them at least eight strips – and they’d have lost any chances at reaching the village undetected, since Biff would invariably have ‘detected’ most of these traps by walking straight into them.

And, yeah, Sauce-ke – you weren’t supposed to mention that. But, since your attempt at back-stabbing was supposed to be incompetent, anyway, giving it away ahead of time seems like a good way to start. And I’m sure Biff will try to honor your request not to be hit in the face, I’m just a little bit unsure if his aim is actually that good.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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