Salsa de Emergencia – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 7

I think Biff might not have paid perfect attention to what was being taught in that ‘enhanced interrogation’ class…he might possibly been somewhat preoccupied with planning for the upcoming spring break.

Of course he wouldn’t have gotten away with hitting the kid with the surfboard, anyway…if Sauce-ke hadn’t shown up, Mopey would have stopped him. Because she knows that the Professor would have done that, even if she isn’t entirely sure why. And also because of time considerations…no, they’re not on a schedule, but Dorito simply hasn’t yet had enough time to annoy Mopey so thoroughly that she’d let Biff hit him with a surfboard. Even an annoying brat like Dorito would need at least 20 minutes to push her that far.

And, yeah, Sauce-ke and Dorito always go together, pretty much like chips and dips. That doesn’t mean they really get along well, it just means that they’re never far from each other, or far from fighting. They’re simply the two most annoying children in the Hidden Foliage village, each in his own special way, so that makes them “friends” by default.

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