Catch of the Day – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 6

Anybody got a measuring tape? I think the ninja that Professor Ninjaiakis caught is undersized, and should be released back into the wild. If you want to keep ninja fishing a sustainable sport, it’s important to conserve stocks by allowing ninja to reach breeding age before you catch them. And does Professor Ninjaiakis even have a fishing license? ._.

Yeah, well, after the mission to the Hidden Sky Village was aborted, the team got underway trying to infiltrate one of the flatland Villages – to be specific, the Hidden Foliage Village in the forest. Since that place is really hard to find for tourists, Ninjaiakis thought that setting an ambush for one of the village’s scouts would be the easiest way, even if it would take some patience. Which everyone on the team has plenty of, of course, safe for Biff, whom they probably either tied up or knocked out for the time being.

And of course they would have to wait for a really clumsy and inexperienced ninja, but everyone’s gotta start at the bottom, so it didn’t take too long. No telling, of course, how many more experienced ninja passed them by unnoticed before they mad their catch.

Intead of going with a historical ninja name, I decided to try and derive a pattern of appropriate ninja naming from popular fiction sources. I succeeded. Technically.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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