A sudden un-twist! – Chapter 2, Strip 441

Yeah, I was just joking – there’ll be no sudden revival (or re-deadal…re-resurrection? Whatever…) of the zombies, and no trail up a mountain higher than Silhouette. I don’t do an April’s fool joke every year (that would make it predictable), but since April 1st happened to coincide with a regular update day, I just couldn’t resist. Just goes to show, however, how the chapter has been dragging on for too long – a typical webcomic April’s fool prank involves pretending to give up on the comic. I’m likely one of the few webcomic artists who can shock people by pretending to carry on.

On another note, I think this is somehow a very fitting exit for the Akunses – after a lifetime of being hopelessly ineffectual villains*, they go to the effort of returning from the dead not to visit bloody revenge on their vanquishers, but to play a childish prank on them. Rest in peace, Akunses.

*And, yeah – they would have been fully capable of securing the anti-zombification device and just taking it to a higher mountain instead of destroying it. That’s par for the course in the ‘Miles Mayhem’ league of pretend villainy.

More on Thursday.

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