An old man sits in his study. It just so… – Intermission, Strip 3

And not only is he already here, he wants to

This is actually a teaser for the next chapter, which will start out with our friends living far apart from each other on different parts of the globe. And then they’ll start playing a computer game called “perfry”, without realizing which profound consequences that will have for themselves, their descendants (who are also their ancestors!) and the universe at large.

And there would be an seemingly all-powerful, time-traveling demon, called “Baron Irish”, with D20’s for his eyes, who…

…don’t worry, I’m only joking. >_> I may have entertained the idea of “B-moviestuck” for a split-second, or so, but then I quickly came to the conclusion that I definitely don’t want to write anything involving any kind of time-travel again anytime soon. That sh*t messes up your head, man. It messes up your head.

So Dr. Chronometricos’s second thoughts about the value of his research suit me fine – that way, it can now be safely assumed that he goes on to destroy his invention, thus making it unavailable as an easy solution for any future problems. And should I ever need it again, wellllll, there’s always third thoughts for that…

More on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.

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