The Tacky Mahal – Intermission, Strip 4

So as far as diffences between the slightly banged-up timeline and the original one are concerned, this one here doesn’t even concern the past, but rather the future.

In the world inhabited by our heroes, a certain pop singer is no more, having disappeared without a trace after having last been seen entering a dilapidated windmill in the Dutch quarter of London, which later burned down.

Assessing whether this qualifies as a positive or a negative impact on history is left as an exercise to the reader, but the emotional impact was obviously vast in some quarters. Especially some quarters of the Internet.

Naturally, there would be many memorials of various sizes and styles all over the world, so I had to make an educated guess as to where the premier memorial would be located, and which shape it would take. After considering all relevant aspects, I have come to the conclusion depicted above: a cenotaph overshadowing a true work of art, and shaped like a huge dick. To me this outcome seemed to be the most likely…as well as rather apt.

More on Thursday.

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