Waggalaohveyah – Intermission, Strip 5

And another minor difference between the world our heroes now inhabit, and the undisturbed timeline: Believe it or not, the music composed by their version of Richard Wagner is even louder than the original’s. For while Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture features a cannon, Alt-Wagner’s My final act of revenge on humanity features a regiment of heavy artillery. ._. (That’s why it’s such a bad idea to try and perform it with the full percussion section – most venues restrict themselves to employing a medium mortar squad, and that already tends to do more than enough damage to the facilities.)

It was kinda inevitable, really – after all, Richard swore vengeance at the end of his act in this chapter, and I’m reasonably sure that the ability to carry a grudge for eternity is a shared feature of all potential Richard Wagners from all timelines.

And yeah, that’s actually the Roter Main river, there in panel one. ._. When I wrote this strip I did imagine it to be a…uh…somewhat more substantial river than it actually seems to be (I had difficulties even finding it on the satellite pic, but it is somewhere between those trees there), so…I guess some willing suspension of disbelief should be apply toward a tourist boat operating on it…

More on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.

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