Ancient Wisdom – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 72

And that’s it, it was really that simple! All it took to win Latho over to Snuka’s proposal was asking for advice from the right people.

With the classic shoulder!devil/shoulder!angel combination, this could have turned into a near endless and mostly pointless discussion – but shoulder!SpartanKings worked a lot better, faster and more efficient. They’re famously Laconic, after all, so not given to being needlessly verbose. And they’re also famous for their strictness and respect for the rules! And wrongly so, which makes it even simpler! The pragmatic compromise reached by a select group of famous Spartan Kings (actually, I guess those two would be the most famous, anyway): The law is the law! But it can be the law tomorrow, so it doesn’t need to be the law today…let’s call it a cheat day, okay? XD

With Latho’s ethical concern salved by the wise counsel provided by the Spartan kings, the whole process is condensed, and Gregory gets to touch the sceptre right away – on to the next level!

More on Thursday.

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    1. XD Yeah,exactly – that ambiguity was actually intentional in this case, to make up for all of the unintentional innuendo that shows in the genre in general.

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