And on the other side of the mirror… – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 39

Special feature: Biff’s mind cam!

As you would have expected, the conversation taking place in the other time machine at the same moment took exactly the same turn as the one involving Professor Dr. and Snuka. And you would have expected that because of all the other gratuituous parallelity of events between the two teams – did I say gratuituous? Of course I meant the parallelity of events that is an inevitable consequence of this sort of time travel and gives a whole metric ton of extra plausibility to the goings-on. You know, on top of all the plausibility that’s already there. It’s a mountain of plausiblility nearly three times as tall as Silhouette Mountain.

Naturally, the conversation wasn’t entirely identical, of course. Biff had precisely the same concerns as Snuka and asked basically the same question, but he isn’t quite as good at putting his thoughts into words, as can be seen from panel two. Panels three and four than demonstrate that he is nowhere near as good at putting other people’s words into his thoughts, though. Professor Chronometricos gave exactly the same explanation as Professor Dr., but Biff mostly heard colors and weird symbols.

It’s scary in Biff’s mind, but at least it’s colorful.

More on Thursday.

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