Very happy, but very end? – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 40

And thus Act 3 comes to an end – and a happy end, to boot, all thanks to Dr. Dutchman Fu taking out comprehensive insurance coverage on his time machines. For, admittedly, the mood was just a tiny, itty-bitty bit tense before that fact was revealed. But who could blame the Professors for blaming each other? Research budgets being what they are today, I think it’s perfectly understandable for both to try to avoid having to pay for their little time-bender fender bender out of pocket. I guess the result is just about flawless and perfect – well, aside from the fact that Dr. Dutchman Fu could have saved a whole bunch of money by switching to Geico. (But I’m not even sure if a villain saving money would be considered an improvement of the situation – he’d probably only spent it on something villainous, like torture devices or a new hideout).

The only other fault you could find with this ending, if you’re very, very pedantic about the details, is that the villain hasn’t really, actually, as a matter of fact, been apprehended yet. But since this is the end of the third act, and B-movies always have three acts, I guess it must be the end of the chapter as well, and the arrest of the villain should probably be considered such a self-evident outcome at this point that it isn’t worth to be shown. I guess, I mean.

O R I S I T?

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