An unexpected intermission – Chap. 5, Intermission, Strip 1

Wait, what’s going on here? I thought the chapter was over and done for? Is this supposed some kind of epilogue?

Why is the time traveling still going on, and who’s the odd Indian (?) guy using a blue Tardis? His obviously weak bladder distinctly recalls a person that played a central, if never on-screen role in the last chapter, but I think we can be positive that this man is not Dr. Dutchman Fu. Obviously not. For I think we all agreed that Dr. Fu had nothing else to look forward to than being apprehended, and this guy doesn’t look apprehended at all. He hardly looks apprehensive, for that matter.

(The other guy is not mysterious, since it’s obviously a farmer, whacking away at the well-beaten path of generic pseudo-farmwork – you’ll find those guys throughout all places and epochs, with only the occasional palette swap.)

So many questions – will there be answers on Thursday?

Oh no, that’s another question!

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