Flashback to back after being back to the Future – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 1

OMG, this is the most shocking sverve EVER!

I mean, not in absolute terms. In relative terms. It’s the most shocking sverve ever between the last most shocking sverve ever and the next most shocking sverve ever. And we may be talking about a limited period of time, there, but for that limited period of time, this shocking sverve rules SUPREME.

Anyway, there is a fourth act! All the bets are off, now, because B-movies always use the three-act formula – we’re in literally uncharted waters. (Literally uncharted, not literally waters. Literally uncharted metaphorical waters which are actually unspecified flowing bits of timey-wimey stuff, I’d say.)

And to get the mystery act off to a good start, I go with the old jump-right-into-the-action-and-do-the-exposition-via-flashback shtick. That way, we can jump right into the action! Although we pay for it with a flashback. Which, in this case, happens to be slightly less action-oriented. But it’s important, nevertheless – if they don’t file their claim properly, the insurance company is going to turn them down. And those forms are long, because the more information they require from claimants, the better the chances of finding something to justify a refusal. But they’ve found their master in the Professor – it’s taken some time, but he made sure and doubly-sure to correctly fill in all of the requested information, even if finding out the “middle name of the second daughter of the timemachine salesperson’s nephew (or niece, if you bought the timemachine subject to this claim from the same person you bought your first timemachine from.)” was a bit of a challenge. It’s Gladys, by the way.

More on Monday.

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