And This One Hurt My Brain – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 83

Meanwhile, close by…but, conveniently* enough, somehow safely out of effective supporting distance from the others, K’ip is still facing off against DM.

And we’re getting to see a lot of their faces in this face-off…because the newest round in their conflict starts off with some furtive and rather suspicious glances. But DM being a DM, he can side-glance with the best, even when not behind a DM screen. He has noted K’ip’s furtive glancing right away, and immediately figured out what it meant – K’ip was about to lunge for his discarded sword, eager to renew the forfeited fight, now that he had time to catch his breath again (and DM is still tingly all over from Thronesitter’s force lightning).

But, in spite of all of his experience, it seems he was assessing K’ip’s intention wrongly. K’ip wasn’t after his sword, he was after a random piece of wood to use as a belt buckle. How could DM have not seen that coming? It’s such an obvious thing to do. ._. I mean, if he had gone for his sword and started duelling again, and a rust monster would have happened by at precisely that moment, and touched his belt buckle, he’d have ended up humiliated right in the middle of the fight…by his pants, which he doesn’t wear, dropping down… ._. Good thing K’ip was awake to the danger, and took the necessary precautions first and right away.

His thinking was definitely quick, in this situation! If, perhaps,…also a little bit…uh…I’m not sure what to call it…

More on Thursday.

* Convenient for the plot, not for K’ip, of course. But he’s probably used to that, by now…

2 Replies to “And This One Hurt My Brain – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 83”

  1. You have to remember Si’ri, that tunic is the ONLY thing between you and anthropomorphic cat dong. And censor bars only work from the audience’s end; there’s nothing to protect YOUR vision (it reeeeeeeeally doesn’t help that you illuminate the place). I think K’ip is fully justified in taking every precaution to protect his modesty. What if a moth monster comes along and eats his tunic? That belt can slide down and cover the essential spot to avoid embarrassment and mind-scaring mental images for all involved.

    1. Naw, the tunic isn’t actually the only thing between Si’ri and the sights you’re worried about. Si’ri is just too tactful to talk about his underwear in front of strangers…or, who knows, she might think the underwear is a more atrocious sight than the genitals. Both would work from a certain perspective. XD

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