Angelic Version – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 119

Since this is Mopey’s third and final form, I felt it was called for to show this transformation sequence in full again, for a change.

As Latho points out, the design of this form is clearly inspired *cough*morelikerippedoff*cough* by Angewomon, one of the most iconic early Digimon designs. After Snuka got two Digimon-inspired forms, I felt it was only fair if Mopey got at least. And, I mean, as long as you’re ripping off stuff, you might as well rip off stuff with an established track-record of popularity. And Angewomon’s design already has many features that fit in very well with the magical-girls genre – just add a few more hearts and color it all pink, and it’s a shoo-in.

The design features a particularly high number of pairs of wings, at four. They aren’t exactly tiny either…still, all in all the wing area is far away from anything that would be able to lift a human body. But, yeah, far from the worst effort ever recorded, in that regard. Definitely better than those Baroque putti.

Another notable feature of the Angewomon design is the armor protection scheme. There is one item of armor, and it protects only her forehead and her eyes. The latter of which it renders useless in the process. ._. I mean, there is a notorious trend toward somewhat unintuitive* armor allotment in female character design, but this case is pretty bizarre even by those standards.

But these are minor criticisms of a design that is ultimately fully deserving of it’s iconic status. Even Latho agrees, and Latho has seen them all.

More on Monday.

* Or perhaps highly intuitive, just based on the wrong kind of intuition.

5 Replies to “Angelic Version – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 119”

    1. Most anime characters shouldn’t be able to see past their low-hanging bangs, but it happens…

    2. Well, but her main job is delivering justice – and justice is blind, anyway. Plus, covering half her face with a mask elegantly sidesteps the thorny theological question how many eyes angels actually have. XD

  1. Somewhere, hen-Tai is feeling like he was snubbed a much-deserved cameo appearance given all the other references to his franchise.

    1. XD Yeah, that’s kind of true…you can say a lot of good things about Tai, but he doesn’t have a terribly high tolerance for not being at the center of attention.

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