Another notch in the finger – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 72

And back to the Tokyo battlefield, where the Mecha-Kaiju unleashes his heretofore secret weapon – the one that wasn’t revealed permaturely in the battle with the JSDF tanks. And it is…another bunch of missiles!

Essentially, the decision came down to another bunch of missiles, or another ray of some sort. I tossed a coin, and another bunch of missiles won out. ._.

Not that these are neither guided missiles nor unguided missiles. They’re the third kind – anime missiles. They’re launched in massive volleys, have wild and erratic trajectories, and their accuracy seems to be pretty poor, which allows no real conclusion regarding their guidance system (or lack thereof). But they’ve definitely got the edge on the other two types when it comes to visuals!

But even absent much in the way of accuracy, the sheer numbers got the job done – easily so, since the bio-kaiju wasn’t finished charging up his ray weapon first. Which he had never even needed to do before, but that’s not very surprising – what would have been the point of requiring a recharging period when there was enough time? Such restrictions logically only show up when there isn’t enough time, everything else would be just pointlessly consistent scriptwriting. >_>

To round it all out, the mecha-kaiju’s tries his hand at a cliche macho gesture, and it works out about as well for him as you would imagine. Bless him for trying.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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