Surpeme Exitcellence – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 71

Elsewhere, the fight between Snuka, Snuka and Snuka takes a wholly different turn when Snuka absents himself from it, leaving Snuka to fight Snuka alone.

It seems that, while his grandfather prefers Napoleon Bonaparte as his source of strategic guidance, Lt. “Snuka” Watanabe likes to go for more ancient wisdom. And Sun Tzu’s advice is solid, for cases like this. When you’re fighting yourself, the best strategy is indeed to take cover yourself, and let yourself deal with yourself until you’re so exhausted that you can easily finish yourself off. Sun Tzu just stated it more generally, to make it less confusing. ._.

Still, kudos to Snuka for being able to read in the middle of a fistfight…and then managing to slip out of it without either Snuka or Snuka catching on. Especially Snuka. Snuka is a bit naive and easily duped, of course, but Snuka is pretty streetwise and hard to pull a fast one on.

More on Thursday.

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