Arcade lore – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 23

So there’s another secret behind the secret of the kaiju’s phenomenal air combat skills!

It’s not just the magic of the three pairs of crimson wings (although they’re bound to help, too). It’s also Snuka’s mental control over the creature, in combination with the many hours he misspent in gaming arcades in his youth. They gave him great hand-eye coordination and a competitive spirit – and the flight physics present in a typical arcade flying game are perfect training for controlling a completely inplausible fantasy creature in flight (and not much else).

So, actually, all those misspent hours weren’t even that misspent at all! Not that Snuka would have had much of another choice, back then – the arcades around where he lived used tokens instead of coins. So there was simply no other place where he could have spent the tokens he sto…uh, found*, so he was basically forced to hang out there.

More on Thursday!

*Snuka’s conscience profited a lot from his messy room. Whenever he stole a wallet he wouldn’t spend the money immediately, but take it home…where he’d soon lose it in the mess. Later he would stumble across it again and could then, with a clear conscience, spend it – because he wasn’t spending stolen money, he was spending money he found.

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